"The Cowboy Who Wasn't There" An E-Book Rebuttal to Why I Became an Atheist


John W. Loftus continues to be one of the most well-known internet celebrities of atheism ever since the publication of his collective biography entitled Why I Became an Atheist. In it, he argues that he was once a champion of Christian moral values but was later ostracized by his local faith community for committing adultery and was subsequently overwhelmed by intellectual arguments in which he advocates that by these arguments alone Christianity hangs by a very thin rope. For these past years since the publication of his book, Loftus' writings have remained unchallenged, or at least, have been challenged inadequately. But like most things with humanity, there is always another side of the story. The upcoming e-book "The Cowboy Who Wasn't There" is a substantial rebuttal (and in some respects, a refutation) to the writings of John W. Loftus and his philosophical arguments against "religion." The Cowboy Who Wasn't There will not only analyze the primary arguments set forth by Loftus, but in doing so will demonstrate how the "New Atheist" movement and their arguments are based on stereotypes and oversimplifications. The book's title bases itself off of the popular Brian Flemming film, The God Who Wasn't There, released in 2005, and refers to "a rip-roarin' cowboy persona which is non-existent." With a jab of humor mixed in with direct confrontation, the book sets out to convince the reader that emotional stakes can and do run high on both sides of the God debate. This book is not arguing mainly against atheism in favor of Christianity, it also advocates for a middle ground in which both atheists and Christians can have intellectual dialogue safely and respectively. It advocates for the integrity of scholars and the ultimate search for truth despite what may be considered popular and appealing to a specific demographic.

The Cowboy Who Wasn't There is authored by James Patrick Holding of Tektonics.org, a Christian apologetics website, and is co-authored by various students and scholars of religion and philosophy, to include some non-Christian contributors.

John W. Loftus, author of Why I Became an Atheist and blogger behind Debunking Christianity 

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