James Patrick Holding, formerly his personal pseudonym, is the webmaster behind Tektonics.org, an online Christian apologetics ministry. Holding has been actively participating in Internet apologetics for more than a decade and has had made many foes and enemies, to include Loftus, throughout the span of his web career. Despite frequent criticisms, Holding still maintains his positions and continually publishes books on a bi-annual basis, as of recently.

Truth Be Told is the pseudonym for the non-Christian author to The Cowboy Who Wasn't There. The name is a play-off of Acharya S' website, "Truth Be Known." Although not a Christian, "TBT" is an active participant on the TheologyWeb forums, a Christian message board of which Holding is also an active member of. Currently TBT is a full-time student of religions and their cultures. In the meantime, he is also training for an officer commission in the United States military.

Lita Cosner is a "theology geek" with a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Wesleyand University, Oklahoma, and is now currently working towards a masters at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in New Testament Studies. Cosner has received scholarships and rewards for her academic performances and accomplishments. On occasion, Cosner has been known to serve as a guest writer to Tektonics.org. 

Nick Peters is a well known moderator of the forum at TheologyWeb.com who goes by the name "ApologiaPhoenix" as he is most commonly identified. Peters runs the blog Deeper Waters and is currently working towards his masters in philosophy.

NOTE: All other authors not mentioned or listed here have not elected for or have chosen not to have a personal description of themselves. To see the full list of contributing authors, please visit the 'Summary' page in the navigation menu.

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