Because this site is only a companion to the e-book, it will not be used for updates in information or for any other announcements not concerning the book itself. Below are a list of links that are either the original sites of the book's authors or are sites you can find out more information about John Loftus and Debunking Christianity.
- The apologetics website ministry of James Patrick (J.P.) Holding. The site is full of an abundance of articles ranging from such topics as responses to the "Christ myth" hypothesis to problematic obstacles of the contemporary Christian church. Because of the varying range in topics covered, Tektonics has also been highly targeted by atheist critics, usually on the basis of Holding's lack of credentials as a professional historian, despite having an advanced degree in a related field.

Debunking Crap
- The first-ever blog that was created for the sole purpose of meeting Debunking Christianity head on, through satire. Basically it is a parody of Loftus' blog, Debunking Christianity, where its "authors" are bloggers writing under pennames which resemble/resembled the names of both former and current DC authors alike. Much of the blog is now in the past and is no longer regularly updated. However, all of its satrical contents still remain for reference.

Debunking Loftus - This is a more serious attempt in responding to Debunking Christianity. The site is mainly used for pointing out the errors in Loftus' thinking, but does on occassion respond to other Debunking Christianity faculty. Since its inception, DL has become one of the most popular sites about John Loftus, and has more than half of the web traffic that Debunking Christianity's founder seemingly brags about quite frequently. J.P. Holding is also a fairly regular writer on behalf of the blog. - The primary forum with which all things related to this site and the ones listed above takes place and is discussed in detail.

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